About Us

Wildcat Environmental Services, LLC is an independent consulting and service company that specializes in providing our clients with more than you may expect from a consultant: Honest service, cost effective solutions, and consistent lasting results. Wildcat is proudly owner-operated, and therefore our standard for quality and customer satisfaction is unmatched. The principals of Wildcat have extensive and varied backgrounds in fields of commercial construction, energy production, wildlife and fisheries management, stream and river restoration, and natural resources consulting. Our backgrounds allow us to view natural resource management issues from any perspective. Our experience provides a knowledge base that makes us uniquely equipped to deal with today’s natural resource management challenges. And our responsibility to our clients demands that we anticipate issues, take decisive action, and mitigate incidents before they become problems. From wild-land & riparian restoration to industrial natural resource consulting or trophy sport fish management, we provide what our clients need. The right solution, the first time, for the right price.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We look forward to serving your natural resource needs now, and in the future.


Jason Wiebenga

Jason received a Bachelor’s degree from New Mexico State University, graduating in 2002 with a major in Wildlife and Fisheries Management.  Jason has been fortunate to have worked for various agricultural and industrial companies in a land management capacity.  Over the past 12 years, this has included commercial growers, oil and gas producers, and game ranches.  When the opportunity came to expand into fisheries and lake management, Jason went to work as a private consultant for a lake and stream management company.  Jason served for 7 years working up through the ranks as a Certified Technician, Field biologist, Supervising Biologist, and Senior Biologist.  During the latter years of his consulting career, Jason began to see the potential for a new more reliable and service based consulting company.  A unique, yet common sense, approach to natural resource consulting that would provide responsible and lasting solutions in the best interest of each individual client. This prompted the birth of Wildcat Environmental Services.  Jason specializes in fisheries and lake management, water quality remediation, noxious weed management, land management, wildlife management and damage control, and industrial reclamation.  For the last four years, Jason has also gained experience and recognition with prominent clientele in aquaculture and fish holding facility design, operation, and management.  As Senior Biologist, Jason participates directly in the management of all of our client’s resources and maintains qualifying party compliance in licensure and certification with all relevant enforcement and regulatory agencies.  


Jason Rector

Jason received his Bachelors degree in Fisheries Science in 1998 from New Mexico State 
University and subsequently went to work for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for three years studying streams and rivers throughout the state of Texas.  This unique experience allowed Jason to expand on his knowledge of both the morphological and biological components of riverine ecosystems.  Although this opportunity filled a specific niche in Jason's career, he wanted to apply his fisheries background to a broader spectrum to include lake and pond management as well.  This decision prompted Jason to move back to New Mexico and into the private consulting realm.  As a consultant, Jason studied and managed lakes, ponds and streams for private landowners throughout the southwestern United States.  After working eight years in private consulting primarily geared toward aquatic resource management, Jason felt the need to branch out into other areas of natural resource consulting.  This drove him to co-found Wildcat Environmental Services, LLC which allows him much more latitude in natural resource management such as river restoration, land management/planning, and wildlife management.  Jason specializes in river restorations, stream morphology and mapping, and his experience in lake and pond management rounds out his knowledge and expertise with regards to water quality monitoring and evaluation, sport-fish management, aquatic vegetation/algae control, and fish kill investigations.  Aside from implementing natural resource management programs, Jason has extensive experience in project design  and project management which allows him to provide Wildcat’s clientele with a unique skill set that can handle any challenge.
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