Agricultural Services

From big game management and upland bird preserves to pasture restoration and wildlife damage control, Wildcat Environmental Services can help.  We have the experience, certifications, and knowledge to provide the most comprehensive solutions to today’s agricultural issues.  Below are just some of the areas in which Wildcat can become a valuable part of your farm or ranch management program.

Wildlife Management 
From pheasant and quail to deer and elk, Wildcat can help landowners achieve their management goals through design, implementation, and monitoring programs tailor made to suit every unique situation.

Poaching and Ranch Patrols

Poaching and trespass can often cause more damage to land, wildlife, livestock, and infrastructure than adverse natural conditions.  Poachers, vandals, and other trespassers cause millions of dollars of damage each year on private land.  Wildcat offers comprehensive patrol and enforcement plans that fit any budget and cover any combination of terrain and acreage.  Find out how keeping your land secure can increase success in all aspects of natural resource management.

Land Use Planning
Wildcat has helped many clients realize the full potential of their resources by implementing new land management practices or by augmenting existing conditions to optimize food plot production or mitigate issues with noxious weed invasions.

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