Aquaculture Design

Because we maintain invaluable relationships with leaders in the fields of aquaculture equipment supply, life support systems design and engineering, and water filtration and recirculation; Wildcat Environmental Services can provide our aquaculture clients with unique solutions to improve almost any operation.  With the increasing demand for sport fish, current governmental and commercial hatcheries are constantly feeling the need to increase production without sacrificing size, quality, or profit.  Wildcat has worked with private and tribal entities throughout the region including Colorado and New Mexico to provide well designed solutions and equipment upgrades to aquaculture process systems.  Because we also purchase large quantities of fish from aquaculture growers, we are also customers to many of our own clients.  It is that unique position in the business that continually motivates us to provide excellent service, trustworthy consulting, and cost-effective design to maximize production in a field where every dollar counts.

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