Aquatic Services

With 25 years of combined experience in aquatic consulting and restoration, Wildcat Environmental Services provides the highest quality design, consulting, and management of any aquatic resource.  From lake and river restoration design and project management, to fish stocking and aquatic vegetation control, Wildcat Environmental Services has the experience and resources to serve you.  We strive to set ourselves apart in the consulting field by providing our clients with responsible cost effective solutions, the utmost in professional service, targeted results, and honesty.  

Lake Management
From water quality monitoring to aquatic vegetation and algae control, several problems can plague golf course or ranch ponds leaving managers and owners in a tight spot.  Wildcat can not only solve these problems in the short term, but develop and implement management strategies to help maintain aesthetics and water quality from season to season. 

Fisheries Management
Maintaining healthy fish populations in ponds and rivers is not always an exact science.  Monitoring populations in water bodies can be frustrating at times as individual environments differ from location to location.  Wildcat biologists have the experience to assist landowners in monitoring existing fish population numbers and regulating stocking rates to optimize condition factors for trophy fish production.   

River Restoration
Whether a stream or river needs small improvements to increase fish and macroinvertebrate habitat or a major restoration to improve the morphological equilibrium  of the system, Wildcat has the background to see our clients vision into reality. 

Aquaculture Design
Growing and raising fish for commercial or private use can be a daunting task if you do not have the right design and infrastructure.  Wildcat works with leaders in the aquaculture industry to assist our clients in increasing their fish production potential and ultimately grow high quality fish. 

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