Ranch Patrols

Poaching, vandalism, and other forms of criminal trespass can present a very challenging set of circumstances for land owners and managers. Many times these activities are concentrated during times of the year when farm and ranch personnel are at their busiest. Other times, the attention required guard against damage to farm or ranch property takes time and skill sets that are not available to land owners or their managers. The nature of this challenge has led many of our clients to contract with Wildcat to ensure that their properties are protected during key times of the year. Law enforcement agencies are more than willing to help landowners prosecute poachers, vandals, and trespassers; however, no agency can provide coverage to all areas at all times and often a crime other than trespass has to be committed to allow penalty assessment.Wildcat has the tools, experience, and knowledge that allow us to offer our clientele unique

solutions to this challenge. Our approach centers around removing the threat of damage to wildlife, livestock, or property by preventing trespass in the first place. We work with owners and managers to provide all types of patrol and enforcement options fitting any schedule, budget, and property size. Wildcat operators are always courteous, seek to educate the public, act strictly within the law, and pride ourselves in cooperation with relevant law enforcement agencies. Oftentimes, just the presence of our patrols and incidental interactions with individuals who are legally hunting or recreating along boundaries can be enough to reduce or eliminate problems altogether.

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