Industrial Services
Wildcat Environmental Services’ owner-operators have backgrounds in industrial fields from commercial construction to energy production as well as consulting and natural resources.  At Wildcat, we know dealing with the mounting regulatory requirements of any industry can have marked effects on productivity and the bottom line.  When it comes to natural resource management, Wildcat can protect company investments, achieve and maintain compliance, and assist with emergency response if necessary.  We offer our industrial clients responsible management strategies, flawless implementation, and lasting solutions to achieve and maintain compliance in various areas of natural resource management.
Industrial Site Reclamation

Returning a former industrial site to its natural state can be a very expensive and often unsuccessful endeavor.  To further complicate the issue, the measure for a successful reclamation can vary from site to site depending on state, county, and local regulations.  Wildcat Environmental Services provides reclamation design and consultation as well as full reclamation services.  No matter the area; riparian, upland, or agricultural, Wildcat maintains all relevant certifications and resources to complete a successful reclamation project. Contaminant Removal, Mechanical ripping, noxious/invasive weed mitigation, re-seeding, and long-term monitoring are all services provided and overseen by Wildcat Environmental Services’ biologists, project managers, and consultants.

Pipeline and Right-of-Way Reclamation
Wildcat Environmental Services provides service in specialty herbicide applications that can provide selective control in areas where native re-vegetation is necessary, yet can also maintain bare-ground in areas where vegetation becomes a hazard.  Wildcat can provide chemical weed barriers for roadways and industrial sites, defensible space around vital equipment or buildings, or simply control weeds to eliminate snake habitat.  Our custom herbicide applications offer lasting cost effective results, but can be reversed easily when necessary for site reclamation and/or right-of-way abandonment. 

Water Quality Monitoring
In many industrial applications, monitoring of ground water, surface water, and/or process water is necessary for safety and compliance.  Wildcat Environmental Services can provide comprehensive water quality monitoring for nearly any application.  From sample collection, secure chain of custody, and independent laboratory analysis to parameter selection, results evaluation, and recommendations; Wildcat can help provide our industrial clients with additional information to better manage their water resources. 

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