Lake Management

Successfully managing water resources requires experience and patience.  Aquatic vegetation, algae growth, water quality, lake aeration and fish health are all tied directly to overall lake health.  Managing for a healthy lake that is aesthetically pleasing, allows angler access, and still promotes natural processes requires constant attention.  Wildcat Environmental Services owner-operators have over 20 years experience in lake management and consulting.  We have seen first-hand just about any aquatic scenario possible, and we know exactly how to handle each one.  Lake management can be done a variety of ways, and most of us have seen the results of irresponsible management practices on public or private waters.  Wildcat believes we have a responsibility to our clients to educate them about realistic expectations and the potential pitfalls of incorrect management decisions.  Wildcat maintains all certifications for aquatic chemical application, uses the latest in chemical products and has purchased and fabricated all new custom application equipment.  It is true that our experience and equipment allow us to be an industry leader in lake management and aquatic vegetation control.  However, it is the value we place in the trust of our clients, responsible decision making, and consistent results that set us apart in our field. 

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