Land Use Planning

Planning for multiple uses of agricultural and ranch lands has become more and more necessary in the past decade.  With the shortages of available resources, and increased costs of everything from water to fuel land planning is not only necessary, but very economical in many instances.  Knowing what land management practices provide the most benefit for livestock, wildlife, and people combined and planning for the future of these practices is just one way Wildcat Environmental Services can help our clients manage their resources for multiple use and sustainable yield.
Noxious Weed Control and Pasture Reclamation
Pasture and wild-land restoration has gained much attention lately with new advancements in Best Management Practices (BMP’s) designed to help reclaim land that has been rendered unproductive.  Damage caused by over grazing, industrial and commercial land clearing, poor logging practices, and any number of activities can now be reversed in much less time than a decade ago.  Wildcat provides solutions using chemical, mechanical, and natural means to restore cleared, overgrown, or noxious and invasive weed infested land for most any agricultural use.

Hunting/Shooting Preserve Establishment

Whether you want to secure shooting preserve status for an upland game bird operation, or you need Class A Park status for big game hunting or propagation, Wildcat has the experience to help.  We have successfully provided clients with the applications, reporting, surveys, assessments, and representation necessary to make these plans a reality.  Wildcat maintains excellent working relationships with relevant regulatory agencies and can provide valuable insight into the management of wildlife for commercial purposes.  From full management plans, to consultation, to poacher and trespass enforcement, Wildcat is the place to start when considering special use status for your farm or ranch.

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