Wildlife Management

Big Game Management 

Whether you need a full scale game ranch management plan, or simply want an evaluation of your current big game resources, Wildcat provides programs specifically suited to our clients goals.  Wildcat can design and/or carry out full ranch management programs as well as providing seasonal services including population surveys, age/sex ratio evaluation, hunt management strategies and body condition sampling, poacher/trespass patrols, habitat improvement and creation, and bag limit recommendations.

Animal Damage Control

Wildlife Depredation

In many instances, it is beneficial, desirable, or protected wildlife species that can cause the most harm to private property and livestock.  Each year government agencies and private landowners spend millions of dollars providing compensation for, or repairing damage, caused by wildlife.  Wildlife depredation is a problem than is much easier and more cost effective to prevent than it is to repair.  New approaches such as resistant crops, technological advancements in animal deterrents, and wise land use practices can often lead to increased productivity and reduced costs in agricultural operations.  Wildcat Environmental Services can provide innovative solutions to help mitigate wildlife depredation in almost any scenario.

Predator Control

Animal damage control (most notably predator control) has and continues to be a hot button topic in today’s society.  The need to balance healthy natural populations of predators with the realities of agricultural and economic sustainability has never been more real.  From protecting your investments in game ranching or livestock and farming operations to ensuring the safety of people and pets in our growing rural residential areas, Wildcat provides predator control programs for every unique situation.  Wildcat Environmental Services takes pride in providing predator control solutions professionally, responsibly, humanely, and most of all safely.

Upland Game Bird Management 

Upland game management is a specialty of Wildcat Environmental Services that stems for our love of upland game bird hunting and conservation.  We provide clients with upland services from habitat restoration and population management to full scale shooting preserve implementation and management.  Whether you want to increase your farm or ranch’s ability to support a natural population of upland game, or want to stock your property specifically for hunting or trials activities, Wildcat can provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary for a successful management program.
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